In this edition of No Office Required, we dive into how remote work will lead to knowledge work as a service. A bigger and better version of outsourcing that disrupted the economy of many developing c
No, not the show. But actual offices. In this edition, we are thinking our way through the path for offices to make a comeback (and why it should).
Tips on using Google Calendar to improve your async work practices and become a better remote worker
Insights into running a product and engineering team with almost zero meetings and a lot of results
The pandemic represented a great reset. It made people realise what is essential in their lives. How can you achieve a sense of purpose as a knowledge…
How remote work will catalyse the existence of global passports
The future of work is where life and work coexist seamlessly.
A team of anonymous, digital entities interacting with each other, working together towards a shared goal, earning points in the form of currencies …
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No Office Required